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Precision Tooling

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Critical Tooling

Specializing in Class 101 Production Tooling for the Medical Industry and catering to clients who demand uncompromising precision, intricate designs, and top-tier quality, Eden Tool's Engineering department stands as the pinnacle of innovation and craftsmanship.​

Recognizing the uniqueness of each mold design and the distinct requirements of every project, our approach is custom tailored, ensuring your expectations are consistently exceeded. 

Our team's commitment to delivering quality is unwavering. Our highly experienced and specialized engineering department will provide the best solutions to your most challenging problems.

Makino V33i Machine Running

Eden Tool

Eden Tool was founded in 2000 with the desire to push boundaries and build tools differently. Eden Tool focuses on building Class 101 injection molds for precision and quality in complex parts and tooling.  What sets Eden Tool apart is our ability to seamlessly integrate high precision machining with unmatched customer service. Our expertise allows us to tailor each manufacturing process to the specific requirements of every mold we build. Our team recognizes that no two molds are alike, so we take a custom approach to exceed each customer's needs.

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Eden Tool's Logo
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