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Precision Tooling

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Class 101 Production Tooling

At Eden Tool, we specialize in building Class 101 Production Tooling. With a focus on delivering high-quality molds and tooling, we leverage cutting-edge machining technology and decades of industry experience to create solutions that stand the test of precision and durability. From low to high volumes, our molds are built to reliably last the entirety of the program lifecycle.


At Eden Tool, we understand that precision tooling is paramount to the success of your product. Our Class 101 Production Tooling not only meets but exceeds industry benchmarks, ensuring that your manufacturing processes run seamlessly to produce consistent results. Trust Eden to deliver Class 101 Production tools that not only meet but exceed all expectations, shaping the path to unparalleled precision and efficiency in your production processes.

Eden Tool Class 101 Cavity Inserts

Eden Tool

Eden Tool was founded in 2000 with the desire to push boundaries and build tools differently. Eden Tool focuses on building Class 101 injection molds for precision and quality in complex parts and tooling.  What sets Eden Tool apart is our ability to seamlessly integrate high precision machining with unmatched customer service. Our expertise allows us to tailor each manufacturing process to the specific requirements of every mold we build. Our team recognizes that no two molds are alike, so we take a custom approach to exceed each customer's needs.

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Eden Tool's Logo
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