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Plastic Parts

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Injection Molding

At Eden MFG, our injection molding services focus on precision and efficiency in the molding process. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with cutting edge technology to produce high-quality molded parts that not only meet industry standards but also surpass customer expectations. From meticulous tooling design to the final molded product, every step is marked by a rigorous adherence to quality standards. Our team meticulously implements various quality control measures, ensuring each part maintains a level of consistency and reliability that defines our commitment to perfection.

Part produced by Eden

Over Molding

Eden MFG specializes in top-tier over-molding services. Our overmolding process entails the precise application of a secondary material onto existing components, resulting in a final product that seamlessly integrates durability and quality.

Whether it's the addition of ergonomic grips, reinforcement for enhanced durability, or the incorporation of multiple materials, Eden ensures precision and consistency across the board. We collaborate closely with clients to customize over-molding solutions that enhance specific design specifications and requirements. Eden MFG's over-molding services exemplify a versatile approach, guaranteeing performance that defines excellence in every detail.

Overmolded part produced by Eden

Micro Molding

Eden Tool's micro molding services are tailored for specialized and intricate miniature components. Our micro molding services exemplify our dedication to pushing the boundaries of manufacturing capabilities, providing custom solutions that redefine the world of micro-scale production. We collaborate closely with customers to understand their unique specifications, providing customized solutions that meet the most demanding requirements.

Part Photography Via Eden Tool & Eden MFG
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