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Eden Manufacturing is a dependable premier medical device manufacturing company.

Located in New Freedom, Pennsylvania, Eden Manufacturing specializes in dependably producing high quality parts for complex medical and surgical devices. From plastic to metal parts, we are able to use our vertically integrated capabilities to manufacture superior parts for our customers.

Eden Manufacturing Production Facility

We pride ourselves on the fact that our customers depend on us to constantly deliver year after year.

Why Eden MFG

Eden Manufacturing pairs top-tier manufacturing capabilities with customer service that goes above and beyond to understand our customer’s needs. We are able to match customers’ needs with the proper manufacturing solution to ensure success the entire way through the project lifecycle. From people to technology to parts, Eden Manufacturing prioritizes quality. We will continue to vertically integrate, and we look forward to filling our available floor space with growth in capabilities and capacities.

Eden MFG's Team

Eden Tool Kicks butt!

Henry Ford,

Founder Ford Motor Company

Look to Eden for awesome tooling!

Steve Jobs,

Founded of Apple

These guys really saved us on countless jobs! 

Engineering Team, 

SMC ltd.

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